Volume 1 “In Review” With Josh Clemens.

Mastroni | 12.9.15

Josh Clemens sits down with us to answer some questions about his incredible section in Volume One. Topics include filming process, favorite clips, what took the longest, how many return trips to get a clip, hometown filming, best style in the world, Billy Perry impersonations, & much more. Enjoy & stay tuned for more of these videos with Billy & DeMarcus coming soon!

Broc Raiford’s Vessel Giveaway

Brian | 12.7.15

We always love doing giveaways this time of the year and made sure this one was easy enough for everyone.  We’re giving away a white/ black splatter Vessel frame for this months big contest.  Read below for the official rules.
1. Repost THIS photo on your personal Instagram
2. Hashtag #HolidayVesselGiveAway and tag @brocafloka and @volumebikes in the description
3. Must follow @brocafloka and @volumebikes
All are welcome to enter.  Contest starts now through Dec 28th.  We’ll announce the one lucky winner on Dec 29th.  Good luck!

Volume 1 Photo Flipbook

Brian | 12.3.15

If you still haven’t seen our new VOLUME 1 video with Josh Clemens, Billy Perry and DeMarcus Paul, you NEED to check it out now HERE. If you still want more after 12 minutes of crazy action, you can now check out our photo gallery HERE. Huge thanks to Devin Feil for capturing the majority of these images during our Portland trip. Hope you guys like the photos as much as we do…

December Shop Stops

Brian | 12.2.15

We’re going to be hitting the road very soon to visit a few of our dealers at Oriol in LA (this Sunday @ 11a), Kings Ride Shop in Palm Desert (Dec 12th @ 12p) and Beachcomber’s in Lake Havasu (Dec 13th @ 1p). Come on by to talk and ride with the guys, get some free giveaways and have a good time. See you soon!

Drew Hosselton Ride Pro Part.

Mastroni | 11.27.15

This is so awesome, please watch now!
“Street riding means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some riders can relate more to pulling a new move on a status spot or laying claim to an NBD. Then there’s the school of riders who are more conceptual with their riding. Where the setup and how it’s ridden takes precedence over the actual trick that was performed. Drew Hosselton is an alumnus from the school of conceptual street riding. For Drew, stock ledges and perfect rails need not apply—his canvas is the abstract and weird. Some of the things he rides really aren’t even spots at all and the trick is just figuring out how to ride them. When we first discussed the Pro Part videos Drew was my first choice for someone I’d like to work with. I’ve always been a huge fan of his riding and after years of shooting photos together I was excited to spearhead a video project with him.” —Jeff Z.

RE UP: Broc’s Signature Series Part

Brian | 11.24.15

Think we could re up Broc’s signature series video part for the next year and still be amazed on how good it is. Plus, all his signature parts are all badass and fully endorsed by the man himself that can do all this crazy shit that we can’t even comprehend!
Click for more information on Broc’s Signature products: VESSEL FRAME | ANCHOR FORK | CAPTAIN BAR | NAUTICAL SEAT


Brian | 11.20.15

If you missed our last post about Volume 1 releasing soon and the DIG feature ‘What’s the Story’, be sure to check it out here>> There’s a ton of insight about the project and what to expect for the series from Mike Mastroni himself.
The Volume 1 features Josh Clemens, DeMarcus Paul and Billy Perry.  Drops Dec 1st, don’t miss this one!
Perfect quote to start it off:
After finishing up The Finer Things were you and the team eager to work on something straight away?
Definitely. I think everyone is proud of what we accomplished as a team with TFT, however time keeps on ticking and everyone remains eager to film.

Volume 1 Teaser + Dig ‘What’s The Story’ Feature.

Mastroni | 11.18.15

Today we’re proud to officially introduce the first leg of our new Volume series video project, which is dropping on December 1st. Volume 1 will feature 3 full sections from the likes of DeMarcus Paul, Billy Perry, & Josh Clemens. We also have an article currently up on Dig with some more information on the project accompanied by some great photos from our travels by Devin Feil. Click here for that & Stay tuned for more and follow long with the project on Insta with #watchvolume1.

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

Handplanting In Japan

Brian | 11.17.15

Always hate when photos get put aside to use for bigger projects (other than the web) then get put on the back burner vortex.  This is a classic case till I saw Joey (photographer that shot it) put it up on his Instagram.  This shot of Broc was during our big Motocross Int Japan tour with the Demolition guys a few years back.  Can’t believe that this spot is just chilling in a park too.  So good!  If you missed our Japan tour video the first time, check it out here>>  Click photo to go big!