Alex Raban’s “Time Mixtape”

Mastroni | 10.9.15

Raban has been out for quite a while now with a couple of broken ribs, an injury that occurred while filming for our new Volume video project. Before he got hurt however Alex was also busy filming all this stuff with his homies up in the Central Coast, which they just released thru Dig in the form of this mixtape. Hit play for a classic VX mix of street riding, space, and time from the mind of Alex Raban.

Wake Up Interweb!

Brian | 10.8.15

I can go on and on about how great the web is for getting media out there in an instant but in that same sentence how bad it is for the longevity of that same media piece.  The other day Vital released THIS absolutely insane DeMarcus Paul video that could have been an ender part in a video and it already is lost somewhere amongst other blog posts.  DeMarcus has been sitting on these clips for a bit for another project, and stoked it finally was released by someone.  Give it a watch!  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  My man DeMarcus lays down some heavy bangers in this one. Photo by Kyle Carlson. more


Brian | 10.7.15


For this month we got Broc to hold a new Broc-Tober Instagram contest in 3 sections; Most unique bunnyhop, judged on height/ creativity (wins Broc’s Captain bar), How many people you can fit on one bike (wins Broc’s Nautical seat), and Best video line (wins Broc’s Anchor forks).  Contest starts now through the end of this month.  All entries must be through Instagram and hashtag the following for your entry: Highest Hop – #broctoberhop / Bike Pile – #broctoberbikepile / Best Line – #broctoberline.  Open to all, go have some fun with it, and good luck!  more

DeMarcus Paul 2015 Parts Poster

Brian | 10.6.15

Leave it to DeMarcus to always come through with some heavy bangers, and while on the Oregon trip a few months back he banged out this uprail to 180 bars. I’m sure you’ll be seeing this and many more moves from Deemo in our Volume Chapters series dropping very soon.  You can get this poster with all our new parts on the back for 1 cent on our online shop here>> Photo by Devin Feil.

The Finer Things: Outtro & Credits.

Mastroni | 10.5.15

As we come to a close with releasing The Finer Things online, we leave you with the Outtro & Credits section featuring just a little glimpse of the great times that were had making this video. If you’ve always wondered what that song was in your favorite section, or are interested in some fun behind the scenes footy of life on the road, give this a watch. You can also now view the whole video from start to finish right here. Thanks for watching guys, and stay tuned for our next big video project dropping within the next couple months..

Lewis Mills!

Brian | 10.5.15

Our new rider in Australia through BMX Militia distribution, Lewis Mills just dropped his welcome video, and we couldn’t be any more stoked to have Lewis reppin us. He threw down some heavy bangers for his video and can’t wait to see more… Watch now! Video by Chris Whyte

Alex Raban Hand Dyed VLM Seats

Brian | 10.1.15

If you don’t know Alex Raban, he is always up to something creative with all types of artistic mediums. He’s been painting on his bike seats for as long as I’ve known him, and recently he dyed a couple of our VLM brown synthetic leather seats for himself.  We liked em so much, we all thought it would be a cool idea to do a limited run. We gave Alex a few boxes of Tripod and Pivotal seats, and he hand dyed each one. Yes, not one is the same as the other. You can scoop one up on our ONLINE SHOP or at your favorite Volume dealer while supplies last. Act fast these will go quick!

The Finer Things: DeMarcus Paul

Mastroni | 09.29.15

Today we proudly present the last (or in fact the first) rider section in our The Finer Things DVD online release, DeMarcus Paul. Never having a traditional welcome video, DeMarcus’ DVD section served as his official footy debut as a member of the Volume family. His incredibly gnarly trick selection combined with powerful smoothness & technical precision is sure to bang you over the head. Enjoy!

Broc Anchor Fork/Nautical Seat Promo In The Works…

Mastroni | 09.28.15


In the midst of stacking clips for Volume 1 of our upcoming video project, Broc has been quite busy stacking some heavy clips of his own to promote his new Anchor Fork & Nautical Seat. Click for a few more sneak peak photos of Broc’s upcoming products and stay tuned for the video dropping within the next few weeks.

The Finer Things: Jason Enns.

Mastroni | 09.24.15

Today we are very proud to present our veteran Volume OG Jason Enns’ section in The Finer Things. With a trifecta of his immense Southern California spot knowledge, a drive for exploration and discovery, and a mature & calculated approach to bike riding, how could one not put together an incredible video section? This is creative spot oriented California street riding at it’s finest. Enjoy!