Billy Goes To Washington D.C.

Brian | 12.23.15

Hot damn, Billy Perry has been on fire lately!  He’s dropped a number of things this week already, and just dropped another video that he’s in with the FTL crew in Washington D.C. Billy has a slew of good lines in here that are straight fire, don’t sleep on this one.
“Over the summer we decided to gather the crew and road trip down to Washington, D.C. for 3 days in search of good spots and good times and we were definitely not disappointed. Featuring BMX riders, Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Jason Stelter, Justin Koebele, and Zach Marin. Filmed and edited by Nick Jones! Thank you to Zach Marin for being an awesome host and spot tour guide. Check the full photo gallery shot by Zach on the site HERE

5 Trick Fix With Billy Perry

Brian | 12.22.15

Billy has been on a mad tear with his riding and filming lately and caught up with Mike while in SoCal to film this 5 Trick Fix for RIDEbmx.
“New York native Billy Perry has been out in Long Beach, CA the past few weeks, on a steady filming grind with Volume TM and lensman Mike Mastroni. Mike and Billy are working on putting something fresh together, but this trick fix will have to be enough to hold you over ’till then.” – RIDE

Billy Perry Long vs Fish Barspin

Brian | 12.21.15

The other day when Bill was in town, I took the guys to a few of my local spots and at one, Biz called out this cool barspin thread the needle for Billy to do.  Billy obliged to get in on it and was able to get a long and fisheye view for you to get a better idea of the spot and photo itself.  And yes, I suck at shooting barspins, my old ass is always either too early or too late, so thank you Billy for doing it multiple times for me.  Enjoy!

Tate Roskelley In “Dollar Bet” DVD Trailer.

Mastroni | 12.15.15

YES! So hyped to see this video. Dollar Bet is the latest video project to come out of Salt Lake City since Killjoy, this time with Elf at behind the camera AND the computer. From the looks of it Dollar Bet will be filled with raw & creative street riding with plenty of hijinx in the mix. This will also be Tate’s first full section to drop since his part in The Finer Things earlier this year.

Owen Dawson In Heaven

Brian | 12.15.15

Our Canadian rail powerhouse, Owen Dawson just dropped this rad new edit while over here last month stacking clips.
“Theory Squad member and all time Canadian Owen Dawson was down in the states this last month and stack three different videos this only being one, enjoy and be on the look out for more from Owen.”

Broc In the New Odyssey 30•15 Video

Brian | 12.13.15

In typical Broc Raiford fashion, he comes through with some powerful moves in the new Odyssey 30•15 video. The whole video is chalk full of insanity, don’t miss this one.
“2015 marks Odyssey’s 30 year anniversary, and to celebrate we put together 30•15 with sections from the entire Odyssey team. We’ve been filming for this thing the whole year and are stoked to finally get to share it with you.”

Josh Clemens DIG Interview

Brian | 12.11.15

Not only did Josh drop his new part in Volume 1 last week, this week he dropped his ‘In Review’ video feature where he talked about the video, and his new DIG interview HERE>>.  They put up a good amount of amazing photos from his Volume 1 part as well as some good info on Josh’s background and what he’s been up to currently.
“As soon as Mike said he wanted me to have a full section in this new video, I really wanted to try and make it my best. I’m my own biggest critic (I think everyone is), and most of the time I’m usually pretty hard on myself and not to stoked on a few things here and there, but over all I’m very happy with how it all came out.” – Josh

Volume 1 “In Review” With Josh Clemens.

Mastroni | 12.9.15

Josh Clemens sits down with us to answer some questions about his incredible section in Volume One. Topics include filming process, favorite clips, what took the longest, how many return trips to get a clip, hometown filming, best style in the world, Billy Perry impersonations, & much more. Enjoy & stay tuned for more of these videos with Billy & DeMarcus coming soon!