We’re Now In The Happiest Place On Earth

Brian | 03.26.15

That’s right, 180 Distribution (our main headquarters) have moved. This is what they had to say:
“After 5 years being at our current location on Milroy, we decided to make a new move on over to Anaheim. While one would think we’re moving closer to Disneyland and an array of strip clubs Anaheim has to offer, we decided it was time to get out of dodge for a number of reasons; We originally moved into our freshly renovated 12k sq ft warehouse for a new shoe brand (Hour) and an adult line of bikes (Resist), on top of Volume and Demolition. The shoes and adult bikes took on a life of their own and later lay to rest with broken dreams. On top of that our “haunted” building was full of problems that we could have swam in every year after a good SoCal rain. We now welcome Anacrime as our new home at 2760 E Regal Park Dr, Anaheim CA 92806 and with a new toll free number (877.488.1369). Ramps, products and everything else just made the move to the happiest city on earth…”

Finer Things Soundtrack

Brian | 03.25.15

One of the standout things in our Finer Things DVD is the music that goes along with the riding.  The classic 60s-70s psych rock that Mike put together are some of the rarest soundtracks in a bmx video that I’ve yet to hear.  Just like many classic videos, you can visualize the riding with the songs.  I still consider Mat Hoffman’s Head First Fugazi’s Blueprint song to be one of the most iconic songs/ parts and can still visualize that whole section every time I hear that song still today, and think The Finer Things songs/parts are very similar in that way too.  One of our Finer Things fans (Tom Edgington) put together our soundtrack playlist to his YouTube channel HERE >>  Hopefully it’ll get you stoked to ride or just chill out and listen to some great 60s-70s psych rock.  BUY THE FINER THINGS DVD HERE >>