Billy’s Manhattan Cruise

Brian | 01.20.16

With Billy’s YouTube channel getting so much love these days and with his last NYC 3 ride reaching over 1 million views, he’s embraced rides through the city while filming it all.  Billy and crew recently hit up Manhattan for a day of riding through the streets and hit some spots along the way in his latest edit.

Riding outside in January is not usually an option, but it was 50 degrees without any snow on the ground so we crewed up and hit up Manhattan / Brooklyn for the day. Featuring BMX riders / FTL crew members Austin Mazur, Billy Perry, Dan Nelson, and Justin Koebele.
We took a train into Penn Station early and ended up riding some great spots in Midtown/Downtown, making a quarter pipe under a bridge, riding over the Brooklyn Bridge and riding a lit night spot. Filmed on GoPro with Zhiyun Tech Rider-M Gimbal.

Billy’s Rail To Bar Wallpaper

Brian | 01.18.16

Last month when Billy was out in SoCal to work on some “new projects” and visit family, I got a chance to finally shoot some photos of Billy too.  This is a spot that Mastroni had in his back pocket for a bit and took Billy and myself there for a nighttime shoot.  The champ that Billy is, he laced this rail ride to bars within minutes of getting there, amongst other things… Click image to go BIG.

Australian Team In Sydney

Brian | 01.14.16

Our Australian guys went down to Sydney to finally get together and ride.  They came back with this amazing well rounded edit, don’t miss this one!
“BMX Militia distribution in Australia brought the Volume X Demolition crew, Jacman Hinss, Lewis Mills, and Boyd Hilder (on Demolition only) to Sydney, Australia to ride, hang out and film this edit.” Filmed, Edited by Ben Norris

Broc is Bananas

Brian | 01.8.16

Everyone that’s seen Broc’s part in the Finer Things knows that his WHOLE PART is a chalk full of insanity.  RIDEbmx just gave Broc the nod for his pegs hard 540 for ‘Top Tricks Of 2015.’ Check out his part again and again to see how insane it really is.

“BROC RAIFORD – PEGS HARD 540: With pegs hard 360’s becoming more and more of a norm these days, BMX has eagerly been awaiting the advent of the pegs hard 540, and this year Broc Raiford delivered it to us in his Volume “The Finer Things” section. Using the street box jump aka an up-rail, Broc crushed one hell of an NBD. But the only question on my mind now is, who’s going to toss the first hard 540 bar? 6:40” – RIDEbmx

Ride BMX “Out of the Box” – Broc Raiford

Kevin | 01.5.16

A full minute and twenty-eight seconds of absolute Broc-ery. RIDEbmx just dropped their “Out of the Box” highlight video of Broc Raiford’s signature Volume complete known simply as “The Broc Bike.” Broc pulls his own signature Volume model out, puts it together, and then goes on to put it through the paces. I can’t think of a better testament to a complete bike than having it’s rider, let alone Broc, shred on it. You can find Volume completes at any local Volume Bikes dealer or mail order.


Brian | 01.5.16

It’s no lie that in BMX the most liked photos are… you guessed it, photos of bikes. All of 2015 our fans came through with some amazing Volume builds and can’t thank you guys enough to buy, photograph and tag all your builds for our viewing pleasure. We thought it’d be cool to post about it here today to shed some more light on it for 2016. All you got to do is tag your Volume build with the #ClubVLM tag and just maybe you’ll get your photo reposted on our @volumebikes Instagram or Facebook page.

Billy’s On Z’s Top 10

Brian | 12.31.15

Jeff Z just put up his Top 10 photos of 2015 and our guys, Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, and Bill Perry (pictured) all are featured in the feature. All the photos are picture perfect and were in RIDEbmx print mag. Now that’s saying something…
“In terms of coverage, this spot went from zero to 60 in record time. And the resulting trick list is pretty insane. In an effort to shoot the spot from a new/unseen perspective I walked outside the gate and after a little snooping around I came up with this angle. I can’t remember if it was my car or Mike Mastroni’s van that I was standing on to get close enough to the barbed wire, but I know that I just barely got everything setup in time to capture the peak golden hour light before the sun went down behind the buildings behind us. I never like to say never, but I’m fairly confident that I will never shoot a better photo at this spot.” – Z

Broc’s Update From Gatorville

Brian | 12.29.15

Broc’s been visitant family back home in Louisiana for the holidays and has also been shredding with the crew.
“I’ve been out here in Louisiana spending time with my family and friends. Between dodging rain and getting non-riding errands done, I’ve managed to stack a few clips that will hopefully lead into being a sweet little edit to start off the year!”

Billy’s NYC Ride 3

Brian | 12.28.15

Watching Billy (and friends) ride through the city hitting stuff never gets old to me, it’s the essence of what street riding is. Especially in NYC. It’s chaos at its finest!
“Part 3 of the GoPro POV Bike riding in NYC series featuring BMX riders Billy Perry, Anthony Panza, and Nick Jones. Weaving through heavy traffic, skitching trucks/cabs, riding trucks, hitting spots, chased by security, and a scenic tour of NYC are a few things featured in this video!”

The Volume 1 Video Nod

Brian | 12.28.15

Unbelievably stoked that the Volume 1 video made the DIG bmx’s Best Videos Of 2015 list. Our guys Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, DeMarcus Paul, and filmer/editor, Mike Mastroni put a lot of time and energy into it and stoked they got the nod. Be sure to check it out again here>>
“Volume Bikes wasted no time in following up ‘The Finer Things’ DVD with another incredible video project. With full sections from Josh Clemens, Billy Perry, and DeMarcus Paul. Josh Clemens first full section was sure to make waves, this kid has got style, tricks, and excellent taste. Billy Perry made the most of a visit to California/Oregon and opportunities to film near home in NYC coming away with his best collection of footage to date. You’d think there is no way DeMarcus Paul’s section could top all the amazing edits he’s already put out this year, but somehow it did just that. So so good!” – DIG