Billy Perry Dirt Lines

Kevin | 10.27.15

Billy Perry made a fun and quick GoPro video of some dirt lines from his local trails for his clothing line FTL. In classic Billy Perry fashion, it’s very smooth and stylish. Check it out……And if you’re curious, those are the new Mad Dog Bars.

Josh’s Grate Turndown

Brian | 10.26.15

Always loved seeing photos from east coast riders that throw down a good session using what’s around them and especially ones off metal grates in the city that were propped up.  Josh and fellow 180 Dist sales representative, Sean Sieling threw down some moves while in SD and used a grate to its full potential. Photo by J.Cobbs. Click image to go BIG!

Broc’s Broc-Tober Hop

Brian | 10.24.15

Don't forget to get your entries in for the @volumebikes Instagram contest they have going on right now! Look below for details on how to enter and possibly WIN some FREE Volume product! 1. Most unique bunnyhop, judged on height/ creativity (wins a pair of @volumebikes Captain bars) 2. How many people you can fit on one bike (wins A @volumebikes Nautical seat) 3. Best video line (wins @volumebikes Anchor forks). The contest is currently going on and lasts through the end of OCTOBER. All entries MUST be through Instagram and MUST hashtag the following for your entry: Highest Hop – #broctoberhop Bike pile – #broctoberbikepile Best line – #broctoberline Open to all, so go have some fun with it, and good luck! | #bmx #ridaz #ridebmx

A video posted by Broc Raiford (@brocafloka) on

Owen Dawson Welcome Bike Check

Matt | 10.20.15


Today is good day, we are stoked to finally welcome Canadian rail slayer Owen Dawson to the International Team. Our distributor in Canada, Killemall, recommended that Owen would be a good fit for the international Volume team and we couldn’t agree more. He built up fellow Canadian Jason Enns’ signature Cerberus frame with a handful of other new Volume goods. Owen has been stacking clips for his Welcome Edit, so be on the look out for that soon! View the full gallery and get a run down of his whip after the jump. more

Broc-Tober Team Entries

Brian | 10.19.15

Gotta love when the team guys get involved in the contests we have.  Just saw Eric and Billy put up two for the Broc-Tober hop contest on Instagram and figured I’d show em off for you.  Photo by Anthony Panza.  Contest rules below:
For this month we got Broc to hold a new Broc-Tober Instagram contest in 3 sections; Most unique bunnyhop, judged on height/ creativity (wins Broc’s Captain bar), How many people you can fit on one bike (wins Broc’s Nautical seat), and Best video line (wins Broc’s Anchor forks).  Contest starts now through the end of this month.  All entries must be through Instagram and hashtag the following for your entry: Highest Hop – #broctoberhop / Bike Pile – #broctoberbikepile / Best Line – #broctoberline.  Open to all, go have some fun with it, and good luck!

Captain Broc’s Signature Line

Brian | 10.16.15

Captain Broc Raiford and his Nautical themed parts have been with us for a bit now and with his new videos about each part about to be released we thought we’d put up a cool photo showing off his hard goods; Vessel frame, Captain bar, Nautical seats, and his Anchor fork.  Hit up your local Volume dealer to purchase the kit today!  Click image to go big!

Eric Bahlman’s “Hi-8 & Good Friends” Edit.

Mastroni | 10.14.15

Bahlman put together this awesome Hi-8 camera edit together with footy he’s been diligently gathering for a while. Amongst many other pro riders, this edit also features clips from our dudes Josh Clemens, Cody & Dawson Clark, and DeMarcus Paul. Eric did a great job with this and it reminded me of being a kid pedaling around with your friends. Via Dig BMX.

Broc Raiford Talks About His Nautical Seat.

Mastroni | 10.13.15

I recently sat Broc Raiford down to discuss some of his signature products for you guys, the first being his new Nautical Seat. Find out more about the seat, why Broc designed it the way he did, and much more with some extra riding clips and LOL moments in the mix. Enjoy & stay tuned for much more of these videos in the near future.

The Finer Things Is Now Complete

Brian | 10.12.15

Each section to our ‘The Finer Things’ video is now officially online for your viewing pleasure. I can’t be any more proud of each of the guys in the video that busted their asses to make the video what it is, as well as Mike’s hard work on making his vision a reality. Give the complete video one (or 2) more watch above.  Thanks again for all the love you guys gave the DVD too, we always appreciated the kind words on social media and etc.  That’s what makes it worth while.  The guys are already hard at work on their next project that should be dropping very soon.  Stay tuned…

Alex Raban’s “Time Mixtape”

Mastroni | 10.9.15

Raban has been out for quite a while now with a couple of broken ribs, an injury that occurred while filming for our new Volume video project. Before he got hurt however Alex was also busy filming all this stuff with his homies up in the Central Coast, which they just released thru Dig in the form of this mixtape. Hit play for a classic VX mix of street riding, space, and time from the mind of Alex Raban.

Wake Up Interweb!

Brian | 10.8.15

I can go on and on about how great the web is for getting media out there in an instant but in that same sentence how bad it is for the longevity of that same media piece.  The other day Vital released THIS absolutely insane DeMarcus Paul video that could have been an ender part in a video and it already is lost somewhere amongst other blog posts.  DeMarcus has been sitting on these clips for a bit for another project, and stoked it finally was released by someone.  Give it a watch!  Trust me, you won’t regret it.  My man DeMarcus lays down some heavy bangers in this one. Photo by Kyle Carlson. more