Broc Duz It.

Mastroni | 02.21.14

Our main man Broc is over in Estonia right now along with many of our friends for (you guessed it) Simple Session. Be sure to tune in tomorrow around 10:30 am Pacific Time for the live feed from the contest and of course wish our boy luck in what I think is his first overseas competition. Hit the link for the live feed and more info. Here’s a throwback gap to hanger on our first Volume In California team trip to entertain your eyeballs. Photo by Joey Cobbs.

For Your Friday! The HOSS!

JCobbs | 08.17.12

When Drew wakes up each morning he curls his hair then pushes out into the Arizona heat to find spots that only Drew can see. Then when he finds these spots he thinks of moves that only Drew would think possible on the spots that only he can see. This process seems to work really well for Drew, so I’ve learned that when he comes up with these concoctions to just shut up and get the camera out. Here Drew turns a narrow rock into a narrow bank with the help of a brick and then does an over toothpick on a spot barely wider than his front wheel.

Jonas @ CKI 2012

JCobbs | 05.12.12

The Chad Kerley Invitation is underway as I write this and our very own Mike Jonas is out the a killing it for Volume Bikes. Yesterday was practice and we found these sick snaps over at the Ride site. Thanks goes out to Jeff and Ryan over at ride for shooting such badass photos. Get over to the ride site now to view the other photos they shot as well as the live video feed from the comp!!!!!!
Above: Vert Wall Ice Below: Grind to CanCan

Your Saturday Morning Wallpaper!! Jason Enns Wallpaper!!

JCobbs | 02.18.12

What better way to start off the weekend but with a sick wallpaper for you and your desktop to enjoy!? Jason loves it out in the inland emprie, so much so that he made sure it shined as much as possible in this photo. So here’s Jason, sharing the spotlight, and his wallpaper, with Mt. Baldy!

Biz’s Ride

Brian | 10.28.10

Our Ryan “Biz” Jordan month is starting early.  Biz will be coming out with some crazy action for Nov. Biz’s new RJ20R is coming mid Nov!  Check the flip-book for more details and pics on his new ride.