Re-Up: Alex Platt’s Welcome to Volume Edit

Kevin | 03.5.15

With “The Finer Things” finally out, it’s just reminded me of how awesome of a team we have here at Volume. It’s something that’s really easy to forget while being in the office day in/day out.  So, I was going back checking out our rider’s past edits and came across Alex Platt’s “Welcome to Volume” edit from close to 2 years ago. Alex Platt’s section in “The Finer Things” is easily one of my personal favorite parts. Every time he started pedaling, I couldnt help but edge closer in my seat wondering if he was going head-on into a wall or destroying a rail hop or gnarly grind. Definitely reminded me of the good ol’ Jimmy Levan days. Alex is a machine, and this welcome edit was a good foreshadow of what we were all in store for almost 2 years later. Check it out!

Billy Perry 2015 Fire

Brian | 02.18.15

Billy has been working on this one for over 10 months with filmer Justin Koebele and it definitely shows.  He’s got everything covered from cool street spots, technical, to burly tricks.  Don’t sleep on this one, it’s a must watch!

The Finer Things Premiere

Brian | 02.6.15

The Finer Things DVD is officially finished and ready to show to the masses this month at the Lido Live Theatre in Newport Beach, CA. For all those (open to the general public) that want to attend the premiere, doors open at 7p and the first/ only FREE SHOWING is at 8p.  The Finer Things DVD’s and tees will be for sale at the premiere too!  Feel free to come down to hang out, watch the video and party with the guys afterwards.  See you there!

Alex Platt’s “Defining Things” Video.

Mastroni | 02.4.15

From broken arms, shoulders, wrists, kneecaps and various other body parts, nothing can stop Platt. This is just a small glimpse into what Platt has gone thru over the course of the couple years filming for his DVD section accompanied with some hospital footy and various B roll from our time filming together courtesy of Ride.

The Catalyst For Broc Raiford

Brian | 02.2.15

So many kids ask us how they get sponsored and while we give them the usual vague answer, there is no real mathematical equation.  Other than being super humble, fitting the image of the brand, being a cool kid and being a badass on a bike, there isn’t too much more…  That and putting out an exceptional online edit.  This Welcome to Odyssey that Broc put out a few years back helped us decide.  Now the dude is a powerhouse in just a few short years, funny how it all works out.

Drew’s “Defining Things” Video.

Mastroni | 01.17.15

In this “Defining Things” video, Drew Hoss talks all about his time spent filming for his DVD section, his take on riding, & much more accompanied with some falls, almosts, b roll, and extra clips from our time filming together. This is just about as up close and personal as you’re going to get until the video drops so check it out and get hyped for Drew’s part! Video by Zach Krejmas via RideBMX.

Finer Things Shop Premieres & Re-up

Kevin | 01.14.15

We’re getting ever closer to the release of The Finer Things release and we can’t wait. We’re currently working on our world premiere here in sunny Southern California, and have shop premieres in the works as well. If you’re a dealer and are also wanting to have a premiere at your shop from mid to late February, then hit up Brian or Kevin at 562-926-5828. Here’s the trailer to get hyped again.

DeMarcus’ “Defining Things” Video.

Mastroni | 01.9.15

In this “Defining Things” video, DeMarcus talks all about his physical and mental process behind filming for a DVD section accompanied with some falls, almosts, and b roll from our time filming together. This is just about as up close and personal as you’re going to get until the video drops so check it out and get hyped for DeMarcus’ part! Here’s Tate’s and Broc’s from last week in case you missed them. Video by Zach Krejmas via RideBMX.

Bahlman’s Hi-8 Project

Matt | 01.8.15

Hi-8 is a project that Eric Bahlman put together over the past 6 months on his old camcorder. A classic home video feel, check it out!

Hi-8 is a project I started this last summer using my old Sony TRV-608 camcorder. I dug it out of storage and brought her out in the streets again to film my friends just like we did back in our high school days. Just us out riding bikes and having fun! – Eric Bahlman