New York Trip: Dah Shop.

Mastroni | 09.11.15

The last leg of our New York trip landed us at Dah Shop in New York City. It was a good turnout and we came up on a litle sidewalk space in between 4 lanes of traffic right down the street to set up a flat rail, some grind boxes, and a bunnhop bar. It was rad riding with the locals, Tyrone, and even some New York legends were in attendance as well. Thanks to Dah Shop for having us and everyone who came out and had a good time! Here’s a ton of photos from the day by Zachary Honahan and Myself. Click to expand gallery.

New York Shop Stops

Brian | 09.1.15

With all the excitement from our SoCal shop stops we did last month, we thought we’d extend it a bit out into New York at two amazing shops, Vicious Cycle and Dah Shop.  Mike (Mastroni) was already going out that way to visit family, then headed to the Island to lock up filming with Billy Perry, and figured we might as well take Broc and DeMarcus out that way too.  We haven’t visited NY in a bit to do any shop stops and thought this trip would be a good time to get a couple in.  There will be a meet and greet as well as a ton of giveaways at both.  Hope to see you guys there! With this crew, you know it will be a good time.

Shop Stops This Weekend

Kevin | 08.13.15

Don’t forget tomorrow and Sunday that we’ll be stopping by Don’s Bicycles (Rialto) and Menifee Bicycles, respectively. Both shop stops start at 3:30 both days. So get there and come to ride, hang out, get free stuff, and have a good time with us, the hosting shops and Volume riders. Check the flyer for the rest of the stops at Epic BMX and East County BMX to follow.

Volume California Shop Stops Starting This Weekend!

Mastroni | 08.11.15

Hey fellow Southern Californians, were happy to announce that we have some local shop visits starting this weekend featuring the likes of Broc Raiford, Demarcus Paul, Jason Enns, Alex Platt, Daniel Martinez, Josh Clemens, Zach Krejmas, and Myself. The first one is THIS SATURDAY August 15th at
Don’s Bicycles in Rialto. Meet & greet @ 3:30pm with signings at the shop, then we’ll head to the park around the block to ride, play some footdown, and throw out some product. Be there!

Portland Trip Day 10: GonRacin BMX.

Mastroni | 06.28.15

Yesterday we left Portland and made the trek back down south to visit Josh’s Dad’s shop GonRacin BMX in Klamath Falls. The Clemens family recently re-purposed their old backyard mini ramp materials into various ledges and rails which now inhabit the shop parking lot, so kids were really hyped to ride that stuff with us. Josh’s family also came thru with tons of pizza and a giant 6 foot long subway sandwich. We stuffed our faces, did a little hop contest, played footdown, threw out some product, then went up to the local skatepark to ride for the rest of the afternoon. Huge thanks to the Clemens family for having us at the shop, and also for putting us up in their house too! Photos by Devin Feil. Click to expand gallery.

Volume Oregon Shop Tour.

Mastroni | 06.2.15

We’re very excited about our upcoming Oregon trip with DeMarcus Paul, Billy Perry, Zach Krejmas, Josh Clemens, and Myself. We’ll be staying mostly in Portland filming for our upcoming video project, but also hitting Gresham Bikes, Goods, and GonRacin’ Shops in between. If any of these fine establishments are close to you: check the deets above, save the date, and come hang out with us!