#GoneFishingVLM Contest Winners.

Mastroni | 07.22.14

gone fishing winner- justin
Shout out to Justin Koebele (@jkoebele) for his winning entry along with runners up Jacob Hope (@bmxhope), Jon Tinsley (@jonsomeshit), and Mitch Doran (@mdoran817) for their entries. Justin will be receiving a fresh new Bermuda frame along with tees/stickers and the runners up will each get a shirt/sticker pack. There are about 10 others I’d love to include here but above all I’m hyped all you guys took the initiative to go film some clips & enter this contest. Keep on killing it guys!

#GoneFishingVLM Video Contest Entries

Brian | 07.21.14

Our #GoneFishingVLM fisheye video contest is now officially over and couldn’t be more stoked on the 400 video entries you guys all sent in.  We got some amazing ones and are going through all of them as we speak.  Since there are so many insane entries, Mike (Mastroni) really does have his work cut out for himself!  We’ll announce a winner shortly though. Thanks again to everyone that entered the contest and took the time out to film/ ride for it.  Stay tuned for another one soon…

#GoneFishingVLM Fisheye Video Contest!!

Mastroni | 07.9.14

Gon Fishing Video Contest
Here’s one for all you filmers out there! Got an Ollo Clip, GoPro, VX, DSLR, or anything at all you can attach a fisheye to? Want to win a bitchin’ Volume Bermuda V1 20.75″ frame (+ Volume goodies) Well, all you have to do is go out and film some fisheye clips with your friends! Upload your best work to INSTAGRAM and tag #GoneFishingVLM on all entries. It’s a great big ocean of tricks & spots out there, so get close, get low, get high, skate, get artsy, do whatever you gotta do… but remember it’s not about the size of the fish, it’s how you catch it. Good luck and may the best fisherman win!”

*Fine print – U.S. only & fisheye clips ONLY will be judged. We will pick the winner on July 20th. Good luck and happy fishing…

Broc @ Simple Session Part 1.

Mastroni | 02.23.14

Simple Session 2014: Practice – More BMX Videos

With Simple Session just coming to an end less than 10 minutes ago, we’re stoked to announce that Broc placed 6th overall in the finals and impressed the world with the pegs over hard truck to cap it off. So proud of you bud! If you missed the live stream you’re probably gonna have to wait till tomorrow to see the highlights from the finals. For now, here’s some various media’s coverage from the contest, the above by our very own Zach Krejmas. Click here for more… more

GetCreativeVLM Top Picks

Brian | 02.17.14


Judging these contests are always hard, especially when you have over 700 entries that all are so damn good.  We locked down to our top 8 pics and vids to: @cainmartin179, @justinwallace92, @afrobab, @dillonwashere, @timothy, @danevr, @frangoesham & @cocainejunkyard. Our picks above were chosen due to their trick, making us all laugh or just how odd/ creative it was.  We’ll be announcing the winner out of these very soon, stay tuned…


Last Day to GetCreativeVLM

Brian | 02.14.14


When we first put the Get Creative VLM contest together, we honestly didn’t know what kinda of response we’d end up getting.  Last count we ended up getting over 700 entries and counting, which we definitely didn’t see coming!  Today is the last day to submit entries and the contest will be over tonight at midnight for all you procrastinators out there.  Since we have so many to go through, we’ll announce the winner on Monday the 17th.  Thanks again to all that entered, you guys all killed it for thinking outside the box. Pic above is of Alex getting a ledge ride gap to crooks to 180.  Pic by Devin Feil.


Mastroni | 02.12.14

Volume: Alex Raban #GETCREATIVEVLM. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

To end this video streak with a bang, here’s none other than Alex Raban who is one of the most creative people on and (clearly) off the bike too. Here’s some thowback clips from his Iron Chachi bar promo. With 650 plus posts so far, if you want your submission to be seen, better get to it before Friday, and don’t forget to hashtag #GETCREATIVEVLM.

Bahlman’s #GETCREATIVEVLM Video.

Mastroni | 02.10.14

Volume: Eric Bahlman #GETCREATIVEVLM. from 180 Distribution on Vimeo.

It’s Monday Monday Monday and I’m in Arizona with Mr Hoss and this guy above, Mr Bahlman. Here’s a couple clips from our ghost town trip for Bong-Man’s team entry. Don’t forget you have till Friday to get those sumbissions in! You could be the proud owner of a shiny new Bermuda….