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  • Drew Bike Check Up At DIG

    Drew has up a cool SETUPS feature on the DIG site.  You can check out all his new sample parts and a lil’ mini interview with him.  Check it out HERE.

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  • Stevie Check

    Stevie may be out for a short while due to a minor crash (ran into a rail) that left him with a broken thumb and some stitches but that doesn’t stopped him from getting over some pics of his latest bike and a shot of him getting rad. Big thanks to Kane Lavalla for the […]

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  • Mastroni’s Cow Check

    Leave it to Mike Mastroni to paint his bike to look like cowhide!  RIDE BMX just put up a full bike check up of Mike’s latest Volume/ cow whip.  Mike is a very artsy guy and never leaves me hanging.  Whether it’s what he’s wearing, riding or painting, he always comes through with something original […]

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