Justin ‘Congo’ Mitchell

1. Best part about where you live? I love living long beach. The weather is always nice and the bike scene is really good.

2. What’s your daily routine like? It’s different everyday. Work days I’ll gets some riding in before I have to work hang out with my girlfriend then go to work. Days off I lime to just ride. Lol

3. Upside of being a pro bike rider? All the free stuff, being able to travel, meeting people and being known by all sorts of people.
Downside of being a pro bike rider? Nothing really… maybe not being able to go to a contest because I have to be at work.

4. What do you see yourself doing after riding? Try to start a company or a bike shop. Something in the bike industry.

5. Magazines or the world wide web and why? For what?

6. Best story that you could tell us that happened to you this year? My first out if state trip In Richmond VA. It was the best time. I got to meet everyone that was a big name in FSFG. It was full of wrecking shit and good times

7. The ultimate spot you’ve ridden? Brooklyn banks. That was retarded fun

8. What do you do besides ride (video games, razor scooter, watch porn and etc)? Ride bmx, play pool, go to concerts, go to Disneyland and travel.

9. Favorite picture that has been shot of you on your bike and why? I really like anything Matt Lingo shoots. My favorite one is when I was filming for Death Pedal 2. It’s a hip spot and I was doing a barspin.

10. Last words? Thank you to all my sponsors and all my friends and Beth Carlton