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Future of fixed

Brian | 12.28.10

… and the debate continues. I know Prolly has had numerous posts on this too but I figured, let’s just find out what our customers think. Is FGFS 26″ or 700c? Or are die-hard fixed freestyle guys with pegs going to end up going to BMX? Makes sense, especially since that’s what BMX bikes were designed for. As a company, we are not sure what the future holds. Seems like by the time we have something out (from drawing to samples to production) the sport has already changed. Is 26″ a change for the better or worse? Is having 26″ wheels on a 700c frame going to continue? Are these frames with zero drop BB, steeper HT’s and CS’s that can hold a 60 tire too much? I know there are numerous threads about this on forums all over but we’d like to know where you’d like to see the future of frames. I personally would like to see 700c continue as the norm. They’re bigger, more comfortable to ride, aesthetically look better, faster and great overall commuters. Help us help you. Steven photo by: Chris Case

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